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Beauty Care Rituals with Charlotte Meentzen

Pure Nature Balance Ritual

Experience an excursion into nature will make you forget about your everyday stress. The unique blend of the natural ingredients of green tea and sweet grass gives your body long-lasting hydration and balances your skin, leaving you feeling well-balanced, calm and relaxed. Our Pure Nature Balance Ritual consists of a green tea and sweet grass scrub, a full body massage with the high quality pure natural oil and a facial treatment with products of this series. Cleansing balm, tonic, facial massage with massage balm, mask and day care of this Pure Nature Balance series soften slight redness and give your skin a shiny and fresh radiance.

Treatment time: 120 minutes
Price: 130 €

Body Relax Ritual

Are you stressed, tired and exhausted? The Body Relax Ritual gives you time to let go and recharge your batteries. The harmonious scent of pomegranate ensures well-being and relaxation. The special ingredients of Amaranth - also called the gold of the Incas - provide the skin with moisture and regenerate it. Our ritual includes a soothing shower bath of this series, which allows you to feel the tension before your treatment. A body scrub with special gloves is the ideal preparation for the subsequent body cream pack with the body butter series Body Relax. A neck massage relieves tension and makes the head clearer. A relaxing foot massage lets you breathe deeply and your feet are intensively nourished, supple and smooth with the rich Shorea-butter. You feel a dreamlike feeling as if you could go on clouds and restart with ease and power.

Treatment time: 70 minutes
Price: 82 €

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